Best Engineered Wood Finishes

Stained / Oiled

These woods have been coated with a colored stain or paint to create a unique color and finish.


Oiled floors have a natural matt finish.


A lacquer provides a subtle glossy finish, giving an element of luxury to the flooring

Smoked / Fumed

Smoked wood is exposed to fumes over a period of time infusing the rich dark tannins of the wood throughout the boards.


These woods have been coated with a semi-opaque white stain, highlighting the grain and adding a light finish.

Hand Carved

Either by hand or by machine, the wood has been expertly carved to provide an aged, textured finish.


An Unfinished wood has been treated and is ready for your own finish.


This means that the wood has been brushed with a wire brush to accentuate the natural character of the wood.